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Our Founder Charles Joseph

Fresh Food

We guarantee that our products are in good condition and fresh to serve on the table.

Great Location

Our business is located in the heart of the city and we can deliver on the date and time you want us to deliver.

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You can expect the fast delivery within the city of friendship.

Live Healthy Eat Fresh Foods

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Fresh Vegetables

Fresh vegetable direct from the farmer and we want to bring this fresh vegetable to your doorstep.

P 40 – 100 / kg

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Fresh Seafoods

Good quality seafood locally harvested by our local fishermen. 

P 100 – 400 / kg

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Fresh Fruits

We love to deliver healthy foods to your doorstep to maintain healthy living.

P 50 – 200 / kg

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We maintain a good quality of our products and deliver it on time at your place.

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Good Food for a healthy life

Fresh foods are healthy foods that are good in our body system to fight the viruses that surrounds us specially in this time of pandemic.